My super team!

’Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the least experienced graphic designer ever!’. That’s what my mum wants to say when presenting me to her friendsJ. My name’s Anna Robinson but I’m not as hopeless as my mother thinks! And one day I’ll prove it!

I’m working for a small brand agency at the moment. I don’t make a lot of money but it’s okay for a novice. What I actually do is develop logos and concepts for companies together with other people. Older colleagues of mine have exceptional creativity and there’s so much to learn from them! Sometimes we go out for a picnic on weekend and there should be no discussions of work at all. Otherwise, what kind of rest is that? We speak about recent films, art, football matches and even cuisine.

Modern art has a future!

Charles, you’re wrong!

There’s a famous quotation by Charles Duell: Everything that can be invented has been invented. Today this phrase can be applied to art:

  • It’s when the melody of a new song seems familiar to you.
  • When you know how the book will end having read only a half of it.
  • The movie doesn’t touch you anymore. Because the main heroine, who suffers from cancer, always dies and leaves a guy with a broken heart.

Is it laziness of minds or everything’s really been said? I’m sure that artists still have a lot to demonstrate to the audience. The problem is that it’s not so easy to be original. Delivering a certain idea to the viewer, modern painters pay more attention to the means of its presentation. As a result, we don’t understand the message of the work. Putting form on the first place, they forget about the content. Will you buy a canvas which evokes no memories and emotions? I don’t think so.

Never give up!

However, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. Life goes on and people continue to develop their talents. Leo Di Caprio didn’t get his Oscar right away – it took him years to prove that he deserves the prestigious award. We all need time to grow the seed of wisdom and maturity. Another example of a person who resisted winds and tides of his destiny is Leonid Afremov. He’s a contemporary impressionistic artist whose oil canvases are sold all over the world. Perhaps, the reasons of his success are determination, strong dedication to the work and a pure heart. The public notices every drawback of the painter and sees him through. If your best friend is lie, how can you be sincere with viewers? That’s why I suppose that Afremov has got a good-natured character. If you’re afraid of darkness, he’ll turn on the light for you. Enjoy the soul of night depicted here. Rather unexpected color choice for a nocturnal scene! But that’s the thing! Pink, red, yellow, white, blue and green strokes are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Leonid has put them together, creating a magnificent cityscape. There are only trees, bushes and streetlamps surrounding a lonely figure of a girl in the picture. However, due to the vivid palette, I don’t get a slightest feeling of sadness or solitude. Afremov won’t let the night of soul’s betrayal ever come. His canvases appeal to kindness, beauty and positivity! Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase one and visit Leonid’s virtual gallery immediately!


Keep calm and num, num, num

I can’t imagine my life without sweet. A day without tasty cookies is an entire wasteJ! Oh, mighty pies, I’m your eternal slaveJ! But seriously, I admire talented pastry chefs and I’m in awe of their inventiveness and patience. They say it’s bad luck to end a date without dessert. And how about birthdays, bridal showers, student parties? A piece of a delicious cake can satisfy your stomach and brighten up your mood. I suppose that to make and decorate them is also fun. The photos of this bakery show how far you can go having flour, sugar, fruits and cream Mastic flowers don’t surprise me anymore. Unlike portrait cakes which cast a shadow over their edibility. I always look closely at them, thinking is it icing or glossy paper on the top. I wonder how confectioners reproduce our images so accurately!

I like people with a good sense of humor. Even when ordering a cake, they think how to play a joke on their buddy. For example, one of the clients of this bakery asked to depict his two friends as the world’s billionaires who appeared on the Forbes’ listJ. The cake looks like a real magazine! Another impressive masterpiece was made for a travel agency. The map on the top of the cake is the exact copy of the one we see in an atlas. Was it a pastry cook or a painter who created this beauty? Whoever it was, he’s a genius! My mouth’s watering just looking at all those treats!